For Major Coaches and Managers

Important Information for Major Coaches and Managers

Here is some important information as many of you are starting games this week.

  1. Criminal Record Check (CRC) - All coaches, assistant coaches and team managers must complete a CRC by April 1, 2017 in order to continue in the position.
  1. Uniforms - Please remind players that team jerseys are to be worn at games only, not at practice. Protective cups are highly recommended and are MANDATORY for catchers.
  1. Emergency Information - Each player must complete the on-line medical waiver through ePACT.
  1. Umpires - Important Rules to Follow:
  • Coaches must show respect to all umpires, regardless of age, and should refrain from raising their voice, or telling the umpire the right call; outs/safe/strikes/ball should never be  questioned
  • Coaches should not approach umpires telling them what call they should make; there is zero tolerance for arguing with umpires, or questioning calls; errors will be made, some will go your way and some will not
  • Once the game begins, the umpire is the ultimate authority over all aspects of the game.
  • Coaches may ask the umpire for time; may ask the umpire to confer with the other umpire; or to ask for an interpretation;
  • In the event a coach wishes to clarify an umpire’s ruling they may call time out and, together with the opposing coach, they may have a brief discussion with the umpire. A coach from each team must be present.
  • Arguing with Umpires will not be tolerated and coaches or parents who do so may be ejected and asked to leave the park.
  • Unless both coaches agree, the umpire will not be asked to change his or her ruling made during the game.
  • Contact Alex Chang at to discuss any concerns you may have.
  1. Call-Ups - Every coach in the Majors will have a call up sheet given to them by the 2nd week of the season. Call-ups need to attend their own games/practices over any call-up opportunity. They cannot be used as pitchers or catchers and they must wear their original team uniform to be identified as a call-up player.
  1. Game Rules - Please see attached for the game rules applicable to your division.

Some call-outs:

  • No mercy rule in KLL Major A and Major B divisions. However, if the two coaches agree, before the game starts, to use the mercy rule (10 or more run spread after not less than 4 complete innings) AND let the umpire know that they want to proceed that way, then the game can be played using the mercy rule
  • For Major A, there are no run limits in any inning, unless it's agreed between the coaches prior to the game. For Major B, the first five innings are limited to 5 runs each and the final inning is once through the order or 3 outs. It is good practice to clarify this with visiting coaches before starting interlock games.
  • For interlock games, the home field rules apply.
  • Pitch count rules apply (see attached).
  1. Game Results - After each game, the managers must email me the game results so the I can update the scores and standings.

Note: interlock games will not count for the standings and are exhibition games only. The location of fields for your interlock games can be found on KLL's website

  1. Rainout / Re-scheduled Games - The HOME team coach/manager is responsible for contacting Ed Lin at so that he can cancel the umpires. Also, when a game is re-scheduled, the HOME team coach/manager should contact Alex Chang to schedule umpires for the game.
  1. Parent /Game Duties - Team Managers should prepare a duty roster scheduling parents on a rotational basis for the duties listed below (these are in addition and independent of their volunteer duty to the league). If you are the Home team, you will need 5 volunteers (one snack / bench, two scorekeepers and two field prep; game coordinator can be combined with another duty)

a) Snack / Bench parent duty - Ensure safety and order in the dugout, making sure the ones coming up to bat are ready to go, with their helmets on, and most importantly, no swinging of bats anywhere other than at home plate. Providing snack at the end of the game is not mandatory and up to the team to decide whether or not they would like to have snacks. Coaches can decide if they need a bench parent or if they have enough assistant coaches.

b) Scorekeeping duty - 2 per game (one for pitch count and another for scorekeeping).

For games at ELM - the HOME team is in charge of the scoreboard. Instructions on how to use the scoreboard are available on the scoring machine in the shed behind home plate. The Home team scorekeepers sit in the scoring shed at Elm, and the parent in charge of pitch count handles the scoring machine. See attached information for Pitch Count Rules and Pitching Log.

c) Field Preparation duty - 2 per game for the HOME only. The HOME team is in charge of field set up (before and after the game). Field set up needs to be finished 30 minutes before game time, allowing each team 15 minutes of infield practice time.

The home team must also walk the field before each game to ensure it is safe and ready for play (no sticks, rocks, broken glass, dog stuff, holes are filled in, etc.)

d) Game Coordinator - Each game umpired by 11 to 15 year olds must have a game coordinator assigned before the start of the game. This person should be present throughout the game and available for the umpire to speak with if any question arises. The game coordinator is responsible for ensuring that coaches in no way interfere (dispute; argue; intimidate) with the umpire. This is a new Little League rule as of 2011. The appointment of the game coordinator will be the responsibility of the HOME team. This role can be combined with one of the others as long as that parent is present throughout the game.


Have a great baseball season!