Developing and having qualified umpires is an integral part of Kerrisdale Little League.  Our umpires are generally made up of players and alumni from our league.

Umpires must be a minimum of 11 years old, have a good knowledge of the game and be committed to fair play.  Current and former players who meet these qualifications are invited to become an umpire with Kerrisdale Little League.

Umpiring is a fun way to be involved with baseball outside of playing games as well as a great way to earn some extra money and learn decision-making skills and to take on responsibility.

New umpires will typically begin with base umpiring at Minors level and with experience, umpires can move to be plate umpiring for Minors.  After umping several Minors games, umpires move to base umpiring at Majors level and to plate umpiring for Majors.  Umpires will only umpire divisions that the player is not playing in.


Dates to be determined.  Anyone age 11 or older that would like to become an umpire for Kerrisdale Little League or did not attend the umpire clinic last year must attend this clinic in order to qualify to umpire for the upcoming spring season.  Returning umpires should attend the Advanced Umpire Clinic.

Clinic participants should bring a glove and dress for the weather. The clinic will be held rain or shine.

Registration is required for this clinic.  To register, please contact our Umpire Coordinator.

The first hour of the clinic will cover rules and positioning. The second hour will include equipment and practice calling balls and strikes from a live pitcher.

Participants have some pre-work they should complete before the clinic:

1. Visit Little League University- Basic Call Mechanics to review basic call mechanics.

2. Visit Little League University - Proper Stance for Calls  to review the proper stance for calling balls and strikes at the plate.

Make sure to complete the pre-work prior to showing up for the clinic in order to participate during the clinic.


If you have umpired for Kerrisdale Little League in the past and would like to return as an umpire, mandatory attendance is required at the Advanced Umpire Clinic and the District 1 Umpire Clinic (only if previously have not attended) in order qualify to umpire for the 2023 spring season.

Details to follow.  


After completing the umpire clinic, umpires are requested to create an account as this is where umpires can view the games schedule, indicate their availability and where they will be assigned games to work.

Umpires should arrive at least 15 minutes before the scheduled game time and must have on all equipment and be ready to start the game at the scheduled time.

In the event of a rainout, umpires will be notified at least one hour prior to game start time by the Umpires Coordinator.  If a game is cancelled during play due to rain, umpires will still be compensated for their time.

 PAY RATES (2023)

Kerrisdale Little League pays our umpires the following per game honorarium:

Minor Games:
Base Umpire - $25 
Plate Umpire - $30

Major Games:
Base Umpire - $30
Plate Umpire - $35


Umpires must dress appropriately and look professional in their role – including wearing an official KLL Umpire shirt and closed toe shoes.  Male umpires must also wear a protective cup when working behind the plate.  All other protective equipment (mask, chest protectors, and shin guards) will be provided for use at games by KLL.  Umpires should make sure return all gear that is used into the equipment bin at the end of the game, including the homeplate brush and ball/strike counter.


Umpires must be familiar with all the rules that apply to any league in which they are umpiring and should review the appropriate league rules before each game and have a copy with them at each game.

  • KLL Minors Rules
  • KLL Majors Rules

They should also be familiar with KLL’s Safety Plan.


According to Little League rules, if both Umpires are minors (under the age of 18), there must be an adult to act as the Game Coordinator at each game.  Many of the Umpires may be new to the responsibility of umpiring and it is imperative to have an adult to oversee the game to ensure that coaches, players or fans are respectful and listening to them.

The Game Coordinator's primary role is to support the umpires and to protect them from coaches, players, or fans who may disagree and publicly criticize an Umpire's call.  The Game Coordinator can't be a coach of one of the teams in the game — and is usually a parent assigned by the Home team.

The Game Coordinator must be identified and introduced at the initial home plate meeting prior to the game starting and must remain near the field at all times. (If the Game Coordinator needs to step away from the field, they can assign a temporary alternate — the scorekeeper would be a good choice.)

Coaches, players, parents and spectators must accept and respect umpire decisions. They should refrain from questioning “judgment” calls and parents must avoid actions which tend to undermine umpire authority.  Umpires will not tolerate any abusive language, equipment throwing or other violent or unsportsmanlike behavior by coaches, players or fans.

  • Warning:  Any person guilty of participating in these actions will be warned once by the umpires.
  • Ejection: A second violation will result in ejection from the game and removal from the KLL field areas. In severe instances, the offending party will be immediately ejected.  Note: The umpire will report such ejections by completing the Kerrisdale Game Incident Report and sending it to the Umpire Coordinator who will notify the President.
  • Suspension: Unsportsmanlike behavior which results in a game ejection carries with it another one game suspension. For a second game ejection there will be an automatic three game suspension and for a third game suspension, the individual will receive a season ending suspension.

If necessary, the Game Coordinator can assist and eject players, coaches or managers if to protect the umpires.

The Game Coordinator can suspend play for rain or darkness and call the game thirty minutes after such suspension.