Grade 3 & 4

This Division is composed primarily for 8-9 year olds.  Minors focuses on further developing players skills both offensively and defensively. The introduction of player pitching begins at this level and the continuing progression from T-Ball to Baseball, as we add stealing bases, player pitching, and nine defensive players in the field. Between games and practices, players can expect to play ball twice a week (and 3 times per week on occasion).  Scores are kept, standings maintained and there are playoffs.

All players wishing to play Minors are required to attend KLL pre-season assessments. Coaches will draft players onto teams; consequently there will be no friendship requests and not guaranteed. Teams will be balanced based on player ability and age, and each team will have 11-12 players.

Players should remain in this Division for at least 2 years for development reasons. In this Division, players who are recommended by their coach have the opportunity to be called up to play Major games, if the Major game is not on the same day as the player’s own team game.

Every player will receive a T-shirt, individualized participation trophy, and a professional team photo during the season.

  • Mandatory pre-season assessment
  • Players are expected to attend at least  80% of all games and practices
  • One to two games per week, players must arrive 1 hour early for pre-game warm-up
  • One practice (1.5 hour long) and One Batting Cage Practice (1 hour) per week (may be combined into a 2 hour practice)
  • Games will be played at Quilchena Park or Kerrisdale Park South Diamond 

Each parent is required to help out with their child’s game on a rotating basis. Duties will be assigned by the team manager at the beginning of the season and training can be provided if required.  The duties include field set up/take down for the home team, pitch counter, score keeper, scoreboard and game coordinator.   In addition, each parent is required to assist with at least 6 hours of league-wide duties during the season, which may include Opening Day, Closing Day, Field Maintenance, Uniforms, Equipment, Board/Committee Roles, or other Special Event support. Your commitment is appreciated and helps make our league run more smoothly.

To be determined

  • Quilchena Park South Diamond
  • Kerrisdale South Diamond (Behind Kerrisdale Arena)
  • Batting Helmet
  • Baseball Glove
  • Grey Baseball Pants
  • Cleats
  • Protective Cup (recommended for all but strictly enforced for catchers)

For detailed information about equipment, please refer to our KLL Baseball Equipment Guidance page.

Contact Minors Coordinator