Following a potential concussion-causing event, the individual should be removed from activity and assessed for a medical emergency.

To assist in your navigation of a potential concussion-causing event please use CATT’s Concussion Pathway.

A laminated copy of this document is also available in the equipment boxes of each playing field.

If you suspect a player has sustained a severe head injury or shows any one of the listed red flags during a game, immediately:

  • Call 911- provide KLL baseball field name and locations
  • Do not move injured player
  • Appoint someone to stay with injured player and monitor them until Emergency Services arrive.
  • Inform paramedics of TeamSnap player information
  • Notify the player’s parents’ or emergency contacts if unavailable.
  • Complete a Concussion Incident Report and submit to

If a player’s head injury is not an emergency:

  • Remove the individual from the playing field and do not let them return to play for the remainder of the day.
  • Do not leave the injured player alone.
  • Watch for (and record if any) new symptoms.
  • Notify ASAP the parents or emergency contacts if unavailable of injured player.
  • Player should be seen by a doctor as soon as possible.