T-Ball Rules

  • This division introduces players to baseball, and the ball is hit off the tee rather than pitched from a pitching machine.
  • All players play defensively and hit.
  • Maximum of 6 fielders in infield positions: Pitcher, First base, Second Base, Short Stop, Third Base and an extra Short Stop is between 1st and 2nd base.
  • Infielders are not to be positioned nearer to the plate than 3 feet from the base paths between 1st & 2nd and 2nd & 3rd.
  • All other defensive players must be in the outfield.
  • If a Catcher is introduced into player.  The Catcher must be positioned near the backstop fence while the opposing players are hitting.
  • Fielders may throw or roll the ball based on ability at the discretion of their coaches. There is no requirement to roll the ball.
  • Fielders are not to block the base runner's progress by standing on the base paths.
  • Coaches are not permitted in the infield during play. One coach is permitted in the outfield.
  • Each batter must bat each inning and the last batter hits everyone home.
  • All Hitters and base runners must wear helmets.
  • There is NO on deck circle in Little League due to safety reasons. No players other that the batter should be swinging bats during the game.
  • The on deck hitter is to remain on the bench waiting for their turn to hit.
  • All equipment should be kept in the bench area away from the field of play.
  • Coaches are to place the ball on the Tee only.
  • Coaches should call “defense ready” before instructing their Batter to swing. Batters should not swing until instructed to do so by the Coach.
  • Batted Balls must travel beyond 10 feet. Balls hit under 10 feet are considered foul and the batter is still up and re-hits.
  • Scores and standings are not kept and there are no playoffs. The focus is on players having fun and learning baseball fundamentals.


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