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All-Stars/Selects Teams

By All-Stars Coordinator, 06/10/19, 9:45PM PDT


All-Stars/Selects Teams

Thank you to all the players and coaches that applied.  There was a great pool to select from!

Congratulations to the following players and coaches that have been selected:

11/12 All-Stars

Graham B.
Brendan C.
Zach E.
Glenn F.
James H.
Theo H.
Peter I.
Matty M.
Oscar M.
Theo N.
Lucas P.
George S.
Riku S.
Matthew W.

Head Coach:  Jonathan McDonald
Assistant Coaches: Steve Fauth and Josh Sarkis
Team Manager: Sally Wong

11 Selects

Matthew D.
Liam F. 
Beau G.
Asher G.
Matthew H.
Zach K.
Cohen K. 
Kieran O.
Joseph P.
George S.
Noah S.
Gio T.
Maddox Y.

Head Coach: Richard Schick
Assistant Coaches: Alex Tsakumis and Gwun Yee
Team Manager: Bir Kaur O'Flaherty

9/10 All-Stars

Brendan A.
Scott B.
Matthew E.
Theo G.
Benjamin H.
Andrew I.
Luukas M.
Bradley S.
Jun S.
Mac S.
James W.
Matthew W.
Jon Y.

Head Coach: Keith Anderson
Assistant Coaches: David Ingleson and Mikko Maatta
Team Manager: Rhonda Baxendale

9 Selects

Eli B.
Jacob D.
Andrew H.
Nathaniel K.
Nicholas M.
Anton M.
Cameron M.
Ernie P.
Aidan P.
Seacret S.
Cooper W.
Colton Y.

Head Coach: John Kim
Assistant Coaches: Ian Doddington and Gregory Martin
Team Manager: Ada Yee

8 Selects

Nolan A.
Nikolas A.
Jake C.
Jacob D.
Lucas D.
Marc H.
Juliet K.
Keaton K.
Christopher H.
Joshua H.
Elias K.
Louis R.
Koa R.
Harrison S.
Declan S.

Head Coach: Derek Kurucz
Assistant Coaches: Ian Doddington, Mike Kauffman, Jonathan Shick
Team Manager/Parent: Kelly-Ann Chu

Good luck to a successful and rewarding postseason to all the teams!