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Safety Policy (Criminal Record Clearance)


In order to protect the children that participate in Kerrisdale Little League, the board of Kerrisdale Little League Association has opted into the BC Government Ministry of Justice Criminal Record Review Program, and approved a policy requiring Criminal Records Checks under the Criminal Records Review Act.

The following policy is in effect beginning with the 2014 baseball season and for future seasons unless subsequently modified by the board of Kerrisdale Little League Association.

1.Criminal records checks shall be required for the following Kerrisdale Little League positions:

•All adult coaches, assistant coaches and managers;
•All officers and board members.

2.Any person volunteering at Kerrisdale Little League in one of the above capacities must complete a Criminal Record Check through the BC Government Ministry of Justice website. Criminal records searches must be completed before April 1 of the current season and are good for 2 baseball seasons. Please note that the CRC must include the vulnerable sector search.

3.Any individual not cleared by a criminal records search is not eligible to volunteer in one of the above capacities.

4.Assistant coaches under the age of 18 do not require a CRC, but must have the permission of the President to coach and must be supervised by an approved CRC cleared coach.

5.The President (and the Safety Officer, if one is elected to the Board) will review all criminal records searches.

6.The results of the criminal records checks will be kept strictly confidential. The President (and Safety Officer, if one is elected to the Board) are the only people authorized to review or have access to the reports. Reports shall be kept in a CRC-Kerrisdale designated email account until the individual is no longer a volunteer with the program.

7.In the event that the President elect or the Safety Officer elect have not previously been subject to a criminal records search, they are not to have access to criminal records search information until they have been cleared themselves by a criminal records search. In the event that both the President elect and the Safety Officer elect require criminal records searches, the past President or past Safety Officer (if one had been elected to the Board) shall complete the necessary checks and report back to the board with the results of the search.

8.If a background check discloses a criminal conviction, the President (and Safety Officer, if one is elected to the Board) shall consider each situation on a case-by-case basis using the following guidelines:

•Persons convicted of a violent crime or a crime against a person (including sex offences) shall be disqualified from any position listed in this policy;
•Persons convicted of a theft related crime or fraud shall be ineligible to hold any position involving the handling of funds or property;
•Persons convicted of an Indictable controlled substance/ narcotics offence within the past 10 years should be disqualified from holding any position;
•Discretion shall be exercised in a uniform manner, so that similar convictions and circumstances receive equal treatment;
•Indictable convictions of any nature are serious offences and will be viewed with extreme caution. Convictions, particularly when remote in time, may be viewed with more leeway where the individual’s record indicates rehabilitation or lack of risk to the children of the program.