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ePACT Medical Waiver


Each year, every KLL player must fill out a medical waiver.  KLL uses the company ePACT to electronically distribute the waivers and to store the information.  Waivers are filled out on line and made accessible to each team's Coach and Manager.

ePACT is an online emergency network that supports KLL with the online medical waivers ensuring the greatest emergency preparedness and safety for our teams. ePACT helps our league better connect, communicate and share critical information in case of a crisis, such as an illness or injury of one of our players, or an evacuation impacting an entire team.


Using ePACT:

  • Prior to the season start on April 8, 2015, each player's family will receive an email invitation to use ePACT.

  • You will need to create an ePACT account, entering required details, such as medical needs and emergency contacts, all of which we previously collected on paper forms.

  • You can update your information on ePACT anytime during the year, and we will automatically be alerted (e.g. add a new cell phone or new emergency contact)


ePACT Website Link

ePACT provides us with more accurate, up to date and legible information than the paper forms we've used in past. Because it is web-based, we have the ability to securely access the system via smartphone, tablet or computer so it's always accessible whether at practice, at a game or on the road. The system maintains the same levels of security and privacy as online banks to ensure the safety of your information, while limiting access only to the coach and manager in case a player requires support.

ePACT Support

Have questions or feedback? Please contact the ePACT team at or call 604-210-5070 Monday-Friday, 9-5 PST