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2015 Kerrisdale Little League Minor A Playoff Rules

The Playoffs :


1.        Upon the completion of the regular season, all teams will play in the playoff tournament.


2.        In each game the teams are assigned home and away.


3.        Home team is responsible for field set up.  That responsibility will be assigned with the schedule such that it is shared evenly by all teams during the playoffs.


4.        All playoff games are to be played in their entirety (minimum of 5 innings).  There is no time limit. 


5.        In the event of a tie after 5 innings, playoff games will go to extra inning(s) with the following tie breaker rules:


a.     Last hitter from previous inning @ 2nd Base

b.     The hitting team will start the inning with one out.

c.     Play continues until one team is ahead at the end of an inning.



6.        Like the regular season the first 4 innings shall be limited to  2, 2, 4, 4  runs and unlimited for the 5th inning (and the extra innings if required).  These inning shall  be restricted to the “once through the order” rule.


7.        Unless specifically amended or provided for herein, the regular season rules (ie. pitch count and rookie pitchers for the first 2 innings) apply.  All pitchers including rookies will be pitching from the rubber at 42’ from the plate.


8.        If a game is shortened due to poor weather conditions or darkness, then the teams will have had to play four (4) complete innings in order to constitute a complete game.  If a game is stopped by the umpire prior to the completion of 4 innings it will be later resumed from the point it was stopped.


9.        If due to weather or darkness a game is stopped mid inning, but after completion of four innings, and the visiting team has tied or taken the lead before the home team has had a chance to complete its at bats for that inning, then the game is to be resumed at a later date from the point of suspension.


Rain outs/delays/suspensions


10.      If, as the result of weather conditions, there is an issue as to whether a game should commence, the decision shall be made by the VP Safety/Umpires. 


11.      If, as the result of weather conditions or darkness, there is an issue as to whether a game should continue, the decision shall be finally determined by the plate umpire who, once the game has commenced, has ultimate authority over such issues.


12.      If a game has to be re-scheduled or resumed at a later date, the date and time of the re-scheduled or resumed game shall be up to the Division Coordinator.




Final Games:


13.      The top two teams after completion of the round robin will play for the Minor A Championship on Saturday, June 13th at 9:00 AM at Elm Park (Closing Day).


14.      The 3rd and 4th place teams following the round robin will play on Thursday, June 11th 6:00 at QS for the bronze medal winner and the 4th place team.