Major A and B Playoff Rules

Rules for Majors Playoffs

  1. Mercy rule in effect for both Major A and Major B. (15 runs after 3 innings or 10 runs after 4 innings.)
  2. Major B only - run limits of 3-3-5-5-5-unlimited.
  3. For pool play games (round robin), home team to be determined by coin toss in advance of game. Winner of coin toss can choose to be home or away.
  4. Both teams to do field set up and take down for all playoff games.
  5. For elimination round (semi-finals and championship game) the higher seeded team will be the home team.
  6. Round robin games can end in a tie.
  7. In the championship game as well as the 3rd place game, if the score is tied after 6 innings, extra innings must be played.
  8. If after pool play, records are tied, the tiebreaker procedures as set out in the LL rule book (Section III - Tiebreaker Procedures, pages 150-152 in 2018 edition) shall be applied in order, so that the tie can be broken. These procedures also apply to determining the seeding for the elimination round.

Summary of Section III - Tie breaker Procedures

  1. The teams advancing past pool play (round robin) will be the teams with the best won-lost records during pool play.
  2. When records are tied, the following procedures must be applied in order to break tie(s). These procedures also apply to determine seeding for the elimination round (semi-finals and finals).
  3. The first tiebreaker is head-to-head results during pool play of the teams involved in the tie.
  4. If the results of the head-to-head match-up(s) during pool play of the teams that are involved in the tie cannot break the tie (because no team defeated each of the other teams involved in the tie), then the tie is broken using the Runs-Allowed Ratio (see Section IV)


Summary of Section IV - Runs-Allowed Ratio


  1. For each team involved in a tie in which head-to-head results cannot break the tie because no one team defeated each of the other teams involved in the tie, the tournament director will calculate the Runs Allowed Ratio for each team. The runs allowed ratio is the total number of runs given up in all pool play games divided by the total number of defensive innings played by that team in pool play.
  2. The Runs-Allowed Ratio is used to advance ALL teams after it is determined that head-to-head cannot be used.
  3. If, after computing the Runs-Allowed Ratio using the results of all pool play games:
  4. One team has the lowest Runs-Allowed Ratio, that team advances. After one team has advanced using the Runs-Allowed Ratio, each subsequent team needed to advance is determined by the Runs-Allowed Ratio until all teams are determined and seeded.
  5. If two or more teams remain tied with the same Runs-Allowed Ratio, then the Runs-Allowed Ratio must be recomputed using statistics only from the pool play games played between the teams involved in the tie. The results are used to advance ONE team, and any other ties must revert to the Runs-Allowed Ratio using all remaining teams.


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