Bylaw Amendments

Section 2.3 - Amendment of the definition of Regular Members to explain that it is the parent or legal guardian of a player registered and as designated on the registration form. This will allow the Association to require one parent from a family to designate themselves as the member. NOTE: If a family has more than one registered player they will want to designate a separate parent as the member for each child as each member only gets one vote, not one vote for each child registered. That is a statutory provision and cannot be overridden. If the parent doesn’t care if they only have one vote then the same parent can be designated as the member for all their minor children. ALSO, the registrar will have to amend your registration form to include the “designated member” line.


Section 4.2 - Quorum - Quorum will be reduced to 3 members in person or by telephone conference, this is the statutory minimum at present.


Section 5.1 - Directors - Director now must be members of the Association.


Section 7.1 - removal of the reference to “other persons” - Committees are now also made of members only.

Draft Amended KLL By-law


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